Session 5: Racial Justice with NLP

Jul 28, 10:00AM PDT(05:00PM GMT). Add to Calendar: Google Yahoo
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Bias can be learned and perpetuated in different ways (i.e., societal beliefs, misrepresentation, ignorance) that consequently create inequitable outcomes across all spheres of life.
TakeTwo aims to help mitigate bias in digital content, whether it is overt or subtle, with a focus on text across news articles, headlines, web pages, blogs, and even code. TakeTwo will leverage a crowd-sourced database of words and phrases that could be viewed as racially biased in the US.
Verified and trusted contributors can use TakeTwo browser extension to select potentially biased language in text-based media. These selections are classified under commonly detected types of racially biased language to train TakeTwo text-classification machine learning model.

This is the #5 session of the series:
Session 1 (6/16): Project Debater: From an AI debating system to business applications
Session 2 (6/30): NLP Workshop - Summarize and Find Actionable Insights from Textual Survey Data
Session 3 (7/7): NLP Workshop - Summarize and Find Actionable Insights from Textual Survey Data
Session 4 (7/14): NLP Workshop - Summarize and Find Actionable Insights from Textual Survey Data

Naagma Timakondu(IBM AI)

Naagma Timakondu
As a member of the AI Ethics Project Office supporting the AI Ethics Board within IBM, Naagma is immersed in the areas in which technology can both solve meaningful problems or lead to risks and adverse outcomes. Through this Call for Code for Racial Justice project, she saw an opportunity to dig deep into understanding societal issues and how technology can be leveraged to address these issues and lead to a fairer, equitable world.
Iain McCombe
Iain is a Principal Offering Manager with 17 years experience working with talent technology. Iain is currently overseeing the employee Assessment and Learning Management businesses. As well as his current responsibilities, Iain has product management experience spanning employee engagement, employee experience, leadership development and diversity and inclusion.

Additional Speakers:
- Naoki Abe, Distinguished Research Staff Member and Manager in IBM Research AI
- Upkar Lidder, senior software engineer at IBM
- Johanna Saladas, software engineer at IBM
- Preetika Srivastava, Senior Data Science Consultant at IBM
- Anna Rodriguez, senior software engineer at IBM

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