Robotic Test Automation - is it really possible

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Can we bring manual, automated and robotic testing together? A perfect combination of humans and machines working together where each bring their strengths to fundamentally change how testing is performed today.
In this talk we will demonstrate how SOFY is bringing all this together by constantly learning to auto-generate test cases for missing test coverage, let robots test those cases, auto identify issues including visual quality, and significantly reduce effort for failure analysis and debugging

Syed Hamid

Syed is the founder and CEO of SOFY. He has the vision of bringing software testing assistance for every developer and QA engineer in the world. Prior to founding SOFY, Syed worked for 18 years at Microsoft, starting as a developer, then a Dev Manager, and eventually an Engineering leader in the company. One area that persistently frustrated Syed was the inability to automate UI and functional testing. Syed managed a large development budget and witnessed an increasing portion of budget went to QA testing as well as hiring a large number of testing engineers.
  • Date: Jul 29, 18:00 (US Pacific Time)
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  • Available Seats: 102 (max 200)
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